Artificial Intelligence, Music Theories. There’s going to be something more academic and something that fascinates me. I have always had an absurd idea-composing music in a programming language and programming in a music language.Maybe we can really try it !

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I am contributing to the ASR speech detection sensitive word system based on MFSC algorithm. In the rest of the time, I am committed to the development of a robot whl that connects QQ, WeChat and other platforms. If you are interested in these, you can send me an email (mentioned below) and tell me what you think, and I will contact you.


May 2023 How to Use Chords to Enhance the Expressiveness of Music—Analyzing from the Acoustic and Audience Perspectives, 如何利用和弦增强音乐表现力——从声学和听众角度解析。

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Hi! I’m from China, a college student majoring in artificial intelligence, and I am also the manager of FragmentXwords label, and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in composition. Since 2019, I have published many music works; but since the end of 2021, I have not released any complete works, I am waiting, waiting for the beginning of my new emotion, when I will change my genre. As a college student in the Department of Computer Science, I have been favored by teachers because of my outstanding programming ability. This year (2022) I will participate in various competitions and leave the products of the whole process here.


My research projects include ASR detection sensitive word system based on MFSC algorithm, system application of chord color, etc.



Mr. Hsiang Nianian